Call for Papers on “EU digital policies and EU in the world

NOW OPEN: Call for Papers on “EU digital policies and EU in the world” of the journal Digital Society (editor in chief Prof Luciano Floridi, Oxford University).

I invite you to consider responding to this Call. All info at .

The EU is often seen as a regulatory power but as a weak global player in technology or military. Still, EU digital policies do have an external impact (the ‘Brussels effect’). Strategic autonomy and digital sovereignty are hot.

Can and should EU digital policies strengthen the position of EU in the world? In which technologies to strengthen the ‘Brussels effect’? Is the EU’s mandate helpful? Can ethics- and values-driven digital policy be a third way for the EU in a bipolar world? What is integrated, coherent digital policy? What about the speed of change and dominance by a few companies and states?

You can submit at any time until 15 May 2022. For inquiries, contact guest editor Paul Timmers, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You can also download the detailed description of the Call for Papers here.