At iivii BV we set out to make sense of digital transformations. To work with you in your policy-making, your analysis or in your strategy development. To create value that lasts, that is sustainable.

It is an open door that digital technologies are transforming and even disrupting the way we live, work, and for some even love. It is less obvious how we best deal with 'digital' when we are a public policymaker, when we run a company, when we deliver a general interest service such as health or education.

Digital has also disrupted the neat boxes in which we thought governments, business and academia could be organised. That disruption has unleashed tremendous creativity and energy. We are encouraged by the huge value we get from this change. We enjoy it each and every day. During the COVID-19 pandemic 'digital' has even become for many the lifeline, the rescue from the perils of social isolation.

We are also concerned, however: think of the sovereignty gap that has opened up now that cyber-attacks undermine critical infrastructure. Think of digital business models that have led to surveillance capitalism. Think of the struggles to get our mind around interdisciplinarity.

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